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We’re Liquidating

Liquidation Procedure
​Shareholder letters have been sent to all shareholders of record at their addresses of record.  Since there were so many shareholder communications in the past that were returned to us as undeliverable, we made an attempt to find a current address for many shareholders.

Shareholders are asked to return to us the following documents:
  • W-9 Form showing the shareholder’s proper name and tax ID (Social Security) number.  Only the first page should be returned.

  • A few of our shareholders loaned the company money and hold a demand note. If you have the original demand note please present it for payment. If you do not have the original note, but are sure you are a valid holder of the note, please complete and sign the attached Demand Note Indemnification. Indicate the amount of the Demand Note, and if it agrees with our records, we will honor it.

  • If the original shareholder has passed away, we will need a certified copy of the death certificate and Letter of Administration showing the executor of the estate, along with instructions for distributions. 

  • If we found you at a different address than was listed in our records, we will need proof that you are the original holder of the securities. Such proof will include the original stock certificate, or an official mailing to the address we have in our records.

Once we receive back the requied information from a substantial number of the shareholders we will issue checks and IRS Fom 1099s for the final liquidating dividend.

Any shareholders that we cannot reach or do not return the required information, the dividends will be escheated (sent) to the state of their official address.